Why Choose Pet Stop instead of Invisible Fence?

People always ask us - why are you better than Invisible Fence®?


I like to highlight our differences in two ways. First, there is the superiority of our electronics. No other pet fence has as many features as Pet Stop. I've listed a few of the features and their benefits below.


Second is working with the team at Puget Sound Pet Stop. We treat your home, yard and most importantly your pet as if it were our own. We use Gentle Steps training techniques, with a remote training collar to introduce your dog to low levels of correction prior to installing the fence. The advantage of this method is that we learn right away your dogs attention span, temperament, and reaction to the flags. This allows us to use the 2000+ settings we have on our receivers to ensure that the collar is set perfectly to your dog's needs. In addition we train 3 times the day the fence is installed. This ensures that your dog fully understands the concept of the flags so that you simply need to reinforce that message. Some of our dogs are fully contained within 24 hours, and since introducing this method in September of 2007 we have shortened our average training time from 14 to only 6 days!


Finally, there is always an owner on site to supervise your installation, and we offer the following guarantees.

  • 30-day money back guarantee (including installation fees)
  • pet containment guarantee
  • Lifetime Warranty on all electronics
  • 90 day free service




Feature          Benefit                            Pet Stop Brand        Invisible Fence Brand
Comfort Contacts

More comfortable,

with less skin irritation.

yes no

 Adjustable Correction

 Field in 6 inch increments

Keep dog further back

More flexibility for flower

beds and gardens.

yes no

Correction Field Range

1 ft -32 ft

Dog doesn't have to hug

the house in narrow spots.

yes no

2000+ Correction


All dogs are different - custom

settings for dog's personality.

yes no
Made in USA Fuel our economy - not China. yes no

Retractable probes

for thick coats

Dog is more comfortable

when he lays down.

yes no

User can adjust correction

for puppy training:

Start puppies earlier, and

adjust correction to meet

size and weight gain.

yes no

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