Invisible Fence experience and The Pet Stop Story

Invisible Fence® claims to be "The Original" in the pet fence industry...


Everyone know's that "Original" doesn't always mean the BEST!! Especially when all the "Original" innovators are no longer there and all manufacturing is now in China.


Pet Stop® has all the features Invisible Fence® has PLUS MORE. Our President, Engineers, and IT directors are all originals from Invisible Fence®. They brought their innovations and focused on more humane features for all dogs and cats in mind and implemented those ideas into features of Pet Stop® products ensuring the safety and comfort for your pets.


Pet Stop® products are of digital technology, offer a Lifetime Warranty and Manufactured in the USA.


Check out our custom and patent features that makes Pet Stop brand the most advanced and most humane on the market.


The True "Originals" of the Pet Fencing Industry

Former Invisible Fence Founder and CEO.

Pet Stop’s President, John Purtell is the original founder of Invisible Fence® brand in 1976.  John is the most experienced executive in the "invisible fencing" industry paving the way for ensuring your pets overall safety. John Purtell was the Founder and CEO for Invisible Fence® before joining Perimeter Technologies, Inc., the manufacturer of all Pet Stop® brand products.

Former Invisible Fence IT Manager.


Pet Stop’s IT Manager, Jim Deery held the same title of IT Manager for Invisibe Fence® before joining Perimeter Technologies, Inc., the manufacturer of all Pet Stop® brand products.

Former Invisible Fence Chief Engineer..


Pet Stop’s Chief Engineer, Scott Touchton held the same title of Chief Engineer for Invisible Fence® before joining Perimeter Technologies, Inc., the manufacturer of all Pet Stop® brand products.

Former Invisible Fence Manufacturing Engineer..


Pet Stop’s Manufacturing Engineer, Richard Kapolka held the same title of Manufacturing Engineer for Invisibe Fence® before joining Perimeter Technologies, Inc., the manufacturer of all Pet Stop® brand products.


How it all Started: The Pet Stop Story

During the ‘70s and ‘80s, electronic pet containment was controlled by one company making one product. When the patent expired in 1989, the door was flung open for competitors.

Robert Slattery

Robert Slattery

Most of these new companies merely copied the existing technology, but two entrepreneurs named Bob Slattery and Bob Wolfe, the founders of ReachUSA® and ValPak of Cincinnati®, saw a genuine opportunity to make something better, an entirely different kind of pet fencing product.

A Fresh Approach

These two men contacted the largest radar detection company in America. Together, they engineered a pet fencing model that improved upon the existing technology by incorporating a variety of dynamic new features.

Their methodology was simple. It was different. They took a fresh approach to pet containment, and the result was a state-of-the-art system. The new company prospered, and today Pet Stop is the fastest growing organization in the industry, sold and installed by pet containment professionals throughout the United States.

Decades of Experience

In 2001 Pet Stop was joined by John Purtell, perhaps the most accomplished executive in the business. John founded the Invisible Fence® Company in 1976, managing its dynamic growth throughout the '70s and '80s from a start-up into the largest pet containment organization in the industry.

Additionally, Pet Stop has assembled a staff of executives and engineers with several decades of combined experience with the Invisible Fence® Company; each and every one of them are lending their skills and know-how to Pet Stop in order to innovate the most technologically advanced pet containment system in the world.

in the press


Pet Stop: Runaway Hit

Electric pen may be mightier than the cord


Cincinnati Enquirer, May 14, 2005

The story of Perimeter Technologies Inc. is a story of an entrepreneur overcoming adversity. Twelve years ago, founder Robert Slattery began selling his Pet Stop devices. Read More


Pet Stop is a registered trademark of Perimeter Technologies, Inc.

Invisible Fence is a registered trademark of Radio Systems Corporation.


   The Top Dogs

John Purtell

John PurtellJohn Purtell is a nationally recognized business leader. He founded Invisible Fence®, Inc. in 1976 and built it into what it is today, once earning the esteemed position as a finalist with Inc. Magazine’s annual ‘Entrepreneur of the Year.’ In 1993, John sold his interest in Invisible Fence®, but after a few years out of the market he’s returned to the industry that he helped create. Click here for full bio.

Scott F. Touchton

Scott F. TouchtonFormer Chief Engineer of the Invisible Fence® brand, Scott remains a leader in pet containment. He has composed several patents while overseeing the development of numerous products that have gone on to define the industry standard. Scott is a crucial part in developing Pet Stop’s innovative, effective, and groundbreaking solutions and designs.

Blaine Bacher

Blain BacherBlaine entered the market in 1994 as a pet containment dealer located in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has participated in the field at every level, from sales and installation to manufacturing and management. Today he heads up the nationwide Pet Stop Dealer Network; a direct result of his diligence and dedication to customer satisfaction.

James Deery

James DeeryLike many others on our staff, James also got his start with Invisible Fence®, Inc. as an IT Manager. Now he works for Pet Stop and is responsible for designing the software that runs our receiver collars. We like to think that Jim helps our products “think,” making Pet Stop products the smartest on the market.

Richard Kapolka

Richard KapolkaRichard knows how to design products to last. For years, he served as the Manufacturing Engineering Manager for Invisible Fence®, Inc., and he also trained service dogs for United Disabilities Services (UDS). Richard loves dogs, and with these things in mind, he understands just how important product reliability is to keeping your pet safe and secure.



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