Contains better than Invisible Fence®!

Puget Sound Pet Stop is a premier provider of Pet Stop® brand pet fences.Most pets don't leave the yard after Day 1!

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Puget Sound Pet Stop uses Gentle Steps Training. Pet Stop Collars with Gentle Steps have the highest containment rates in the industry!

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Puget Sound Pet Stop

We Care For Our Customers As Much As We Do Our Pets

We are dedicated to providing a superior level of service in the pet containment market.

Get Your Dog Off Leash Faster

Pet Stop® will walk your dog through training with our GentleSteps™ method to help them adjust to the system.

More Correction Levels Than Other Pet Containment Systems

All Pet Stop® receivers feature 10 levels of correction, allowing you to customize it to your dog’s level of stubbornness.

Maximum Pet Comfort

We have the lowest correction levels in the industry, and we work with your dog to map the right correction level before we even install the fence.

Less Expensive Than Invisible Fence

Our pricing is fixed, and we can quote you over the phone. Call today!

The Best Pet Containment Fence in the Industry

Over 50% pet containment on Day 1 – a higher rate than Invisible Fence® brand.

Using the Most Advanced Technology

Pet Stop is managed by a team of industry pioneers with the most experience and highest pet aptitude in the business, including one of the original founders of Invisible Fence® brand dog fence.

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