Some Of The Best Electronic Dog Collars

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All our receivers are designed and manufactured here in the US

UltraTuff® Receiver

The Ultratuff is our more durable receiver. It’s perfect for dogs who are tough on equipment. The plastic casing is made out of a blend of thermoplastics, which means it can take a beating.


UltraElite® Receiver

The UltraElite is not much heavier than the Ecolite, it weighs only 1.3oz. It comes with universal settings for most breeds. It can be used for puppies or larger dogs.

EcoLite® Receiver

The EcoLite is lighter and smaller. It only weighs .8oz, which makes it perfect for smaller dogs. It also has a built-in rechargeable power pack that lasts up to 25 years.

UltraMax® Receiver

The UltraMax Receiver® was designed for more determined and larger dogs. It has a highly efficient circuit, and it comes with a host of settings designed to keep your dog safe and secure.

UltraTuff® Collar

The smallest and lightest receiver available. No other competitor can offer this lightweight, highly effective collar. With its unique settings, less than 1oz. in weight, and rechargeable battery. We guarantee it will contain any breed or your money back.

Our State Of The Art EcoLite™ System

The EcoLite™ system comes with a charging station and our new link technology. Our link technology is an app designed so that you can keep a closer eye on your pet. It will send notifications to your phone if a setting needs to be changed on your receiver

Special Features On Our Pet Stop Collars

The Features On Our Pet Stop Receivers Will Guarentee You A Safe, Funtional & Smart System

  • TriScann™

    TRISCANN® makes it so that you have a 360-degree signal detection with your receiver. No more blind spots you might get from other companies.

  • Flash Alert®

    Flash Alert® gives you a warning when you need to change your battery so that your ready before your dog knows.

  • Safety Stop®

    Safety Stop® is a fail-safe feature to prevent continuous correction if your dog gets stuck outside of the boundaries

  • GentleSteps™

    GentleSteps™ is a setting that enables a set of incremental correction levels that permit your pet to train gently but effectively to their new system.

  • Smart Receiver®

    Smart Receiver® makes sure that your receiver has no signal interference or false corrections from other devices.

  • Stopper™

    The Stopper™ feature effectively addresses escaping behaviors when your dog starts testing the boundaries.

  • Progressive Level Settings

    This feature offers three different modes of correction, giving you complete flexibility in crafting the ideal system for your pet. Your dealer will help you select the mode best suited for your pet.

  • ComfortContacts®

    ComfortContacts® provides a nice change from steel pins or abrasive metal. All our receivers use soft rubber probes, this provides a comfortable and safe fit for your dog.

We have relied on Puget Sound Pet Stop to keep our dogs safely contained in our yard for 13 years.

Linda Cloes

What Makes Pet Stop Receivers Better

We Strive for Safety & Quality Above All Else

We pioneered and patented many of the features incorporated in our equipment that protect your pet and bring you peace of mind. Best of all, our design team resides in Pennsylvania, where the product is manufactured. Our people are pet lovers who understand the importance of making a superior product. We relish the role we play in helping to keep your pet safe. It’s why we place so much emphasis on pursuing product development. When you select Pet Stop, this is the reason you’ll experience a unique brand of Pet-containment.

Our Pet Stop exclusive lifetime warranty goes above industry lifetime warranties by offering not only a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects but also protection against accidental damage. Should you accidentally damage the equipment supplied with your system, you pay a deductible amount far less than the full retail cost of replacement. This is just one more advantage to owning a Pet Stop system.

 We provide a minimum of three GentleSteps™ training sessions for each dog on the system. We offer free training for the first 90 days after the installation,  if your dog requires additional training – We will come out and provide additional training free of charge.


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