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Dedicated to always being the premium electronic dog fence experts in Western Washington. Learn more about Puget Sound Pet Stop and the team!

Puget Sound Pet Stop Trainers are Highly Certified Gentle Dog Handlers

With pet care at the forefront of all we do, we use extensive dog handling skills to quickly and efficiently determine the needs of your pets.

Puget Sound Wireless Dog Fence Expert Debbie Overholt

Meet Dog Trainer Debbie Overholt

Co-Owner of Puget Sound Pet Stop

Debbie brings to the business a genuine love of pets and over 26 years of experience in business with a career emphasis on customer service. She sees Pet Stop as an opportunity to further her business experience and exercise her unique style of caring and customer service.

Debbie’s first business venture was an espresso drive-thru in Everett, WA established in 1995 that grew to several locations. Her priorities were product knowledge and customer service. “You must know the roast, the process and the skill required to deliver a superior product. However, I discovered the genuine care and affection you offer your customers is of equal importance. The simple philosophy of extensive product knowledge along with excellent customer service is my foundation to develop the number one pet containment business in the Northwest.”

Puget Sound Wireless Dog Fence Expert Debbie Overholt

Meet Lead Technician and Dog Trainer Matthew Overholt

Matt has a genuine love of pets and over 15 years of experience working at Pet Stop. Before he was in middle school he was already the best wire-break locator in the business. He understands how important it is that a customer’s yard looks as good if not better than it did before the installation.

He also has a passion for plants and gardening, so you know that none of his installation will impact your landscaping.

First-class Pet Fence Provider in Western Washington

Our Dealers are the most experienced and most technical in the industry

Pet Stop® brand pet fence systems have been installed in homes in the Northwest; Western Washington State since 2001.

The Owners of Puget Sound Pet Stop have experience in the pet fencing industry since 2002 and in 2007 became the Exclusive Pet Stop Dealer for the Western Washington region.

2008 Dealer Award For Outstanding Performance
Puget Sound Pet Stop is excited to announce it’s award that was won for Outstanding Performance. We were awarded the MVP award amongst the Pet Stop Dealer Network. The MVP award stands for; The Most Valuable “Puppy”. We became the Exclusive Western Washington Dealer in 2007. In our 2008 calendar year we posted high fence installation sales, high successful containment rates and a high volume of swapping out other branded systems to Pet Stop®, combined made Puget Sound Pet Stop “New Dealer of the Year!”

My dog Rusty used to cross over our driveway barking at people passing by. He is very friendly but could be intimidating to people that don't know him. Rusty was on the Pet Stop System for 8 years and never attempted to cross over our driveway. I believe in the product so much I jumped at the opportunity to become the exclusive dealer for Western Washington.

Debbie Overholt (Co-Owner)

See Commonly Asked Questions About Puget Sound Pet Stop

  • Do pet fencing systems really work?

    With the proper training and professional installation, our fencing system is extremely effective. We have been thoroughly trained by one of the leading dealers taking advantage of his years of experience and technical knowledge. Our customer feedback rates Pet Stop’s containment effectiveness at a very successful 99.6%.

  • How much training is involved?
    Initially, your pet receives a week of focused handling and exposure to various correction techniques, followed by a week of less intensive training–so roughly two weeks.
  • Do I take part in the training process?
    Absolutely. Your participation is a crucial part of the process. Initially we provide three training sessions with your pet. Initial training is FREE with the installation of you Pet Stop pet fence system.
  • Does the correction hurt?

    Like you, we love pets. All pets! The last thing we’d ever want to do is harm them. Our focus is keeping them safe, not hurting them. Clinical research tests have been conducted over the course of many years, the results proving that this type of correction is harmless. Our system is designed with your pet’s comfort in mind, and the correction techniques we utilize work as a “startling effect” rather than inflicting any sort of pain.

  • How do I take my pet outside the boundary?
    We will instruct you on how to effectively take your pet on a venture outside your property’s containment area, but this is best done only after your pet is properly acclimated to their new boundaries at home.
  • Are the receivers programmable to fit my animal’s weight, size, and temperament?
    The Pet Stop pet fence system contains over 5,000 settings tailored to accommodate every kind of dog and cat and their unique personalities, so chances are our engineers and programmers have developed a setting designed almost exclusively for your beloved dog or cat.
  • What's the difference between AM/FM and a DM signal?
    Most systems use an AM or FM radio wave frequency and operate the same way regardless of the type of signal. Pet Stop features FCC-approved Digital Modulation (DM–technology). This higher, clearer method has been proven as the most effective way to guard against false activation and interference from other signals. It also allows for a wider array of multiple frequencies, which is an effective way to avoid interference if your neighbor has a similar system–or installs Pet Stop after seeing how well we work for you and your pet!

We Provide A Full Spectrum Of Electronic Pet Fencing Services

Curious About All Types of Electronic Pet Fencing? We Have Them Covered

Electronic Dog Fence Options From Puget Sound Pet Stop
Electronic Dog Fence

Our dog fences give your dog the freedom he deserves by creating a safe environment for them to run and play giving you peace of mind.

Electric Cat Fence Options from Puget Sound Pet Stop
Hidden Cat Fence

We'd love the opportunity to come out and meet your cat, evaluate your yard, and help you customize an indoor and or outdoor system that is right for your cat and space.

Hidden Dog Fence Training With Puget Sound Pet Stop
Rescue Dog & Puppy Training

Pet Stop® has collars specifically designed for puppies, rescue dogs and the timid dog in mind.

GentleSteps™ training session for dog from Pet Stop
Professional Dog Fence Training

FREE training for the first 90 days after installation - we will come out and provide additional training FREE OF CHARGE.

We Are Proud Members of The Pet Stop Dealer Network

It is Our Goal to Offer Customers Pet Friendly Products, Training and Support to Achieve the Highest Standards in the Industry

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