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With over 26 years of experience in the business, Puget Sound Pet Stop is one of the most qualified dog fence providers in the Pacific Northwest. We have a passion for pet care and we love helping our customers keep their pets safe and healthy.

Our Sample Dog Fence Layouts

Take a look at some of our sample dog fence layouts. When having a hidden dog fence installed the wire must be installed in a continuous loop to close the electronic circuit.

Every yard varies in shape and size but the most typical layouts of pet fence installation are shown below.

Outdoor Fence System:

Not just for outdoor containment, our technology can easily keep the kitty off the kitchen counter, the dog out of the litter box, or your animals out of the formal area in your home. Choose a hidden or custom-wired solution to best fit your needs.

Indoor Fence System:

Our customizable dog fences can be designed with diverse zones and settings and are buried out of sight to maintain the beauty of your property.

Outdoor Fence System
Indoor Fence System

Our Sample Layouts For Outdoor Hidden Dog Fencing

Every yard varies in shape and size but the most typical layouts of pet fence installation are shown below.

Full Perimeter Loop

The most common installation is a Full Perimeter Loop. This is where a wire is installed completely around your property giving your pet free range of your yard.

Figure 8 or “Pinch”

The second most common installation is what is called a figure 8 or a Pinch. This is where the wire is installed around the property just like the Full Perimeter Loop only with a pinch in the middle creating two zones, a front zone and a back zone.

Double Loop or Banana Loop

When you are looking to have one zone such as only a front yard fenced or only a back yard fenced, we often install what we call a Double Loop or a Banana Loop. This is where the wire is installed around the area you are looking to contain then brought back the same way creating the double loop.

How Our Underground Fences Work

With our experience and technology we create the best, permanent solution for you and your pet.

Puget Sound Pet Stop dog fences offer a suite of unique and Patented Features to meet the needs of any Dog Breed. Our dog fence collar-receivers have 3,000 settings to completely customize your dog’s receiver to meet their individual needs. This makes our dog fences the Most Advanced, Most Humane pet containment solution on the market!


Once your Pet Stop® pet containment system is installed, correct perimeter training of your pet is of vital importance. That is why Puget Sound Pet Stop pet fence installers are professionally trained and certified dog handlers to assess your pet’s individual needs.


We provide a minimum of three GentleSteps™ training sessions for each dog or cat on the system. We offer FREE training for the first 90 days after the installation,  if your dog or cat requires additional training – We will come out and provide additional training FREE OF CHARGE.

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